Managed Services Provider (MSP)

What is MSP?

MSP is a fixed monthly price service to support your IT infrastructure and end users. It is designed for organizations that need to focus on their primary business and prefer to partner with IT professionals to manage their network.

Here are some key indicators to help determine if MSP is a good fit for your company:
 “We rely on technology but cannot justify full time IT staff.”
 “We have to find ways to control and reduce IT costs.”
 “We have key talent being diverted to resolve IT issues.”
 “We’ve been unable to find someone who understands our IT needs.”
 “We’re concerned about IT security and not sure if we have sufficient protection.”
 “Our operations are being bogged down by the constant changes needed in IT.”
 “We are unprepared for downtime and unsure of how that would impact our business.”

MSP support features at a glance:

NDA will manage and support your network, computers, servers, Line of Business applications, databases, messaging, hardware, software, communications, operating systems, licensing and connectivity.

NDA will also provide network administration that includes preventative maintenance, network monitoring, continuous documentation and process development. This will include review of server health, backup success, server logs, firewall logs, Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM), antivirus updates, patching, Active Directory maintenance, etc.

MSP You Can Afford:

 NDA’s MSP pricing structure is simple and transparent.
 NDA offers affordable pricing regardless of your businesses size.
 NDA’s MSP is built with flexibility to accommodate your needs.
 NDA’s MSP includes unlimited Helpdesk support, Anti-Virus protection, all remote management services and on-site support as needed.

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