We support a variety of clients, both large and small, in diverse industries including banking & finance, government, manufacturing & engineering, legal, and many others. We concentrate on understanding the business needs of our clients so they are able to meet business goals and objectives using the best technology available today.


NDA is focused on the design, installation, service, and support of computer systems and computer networks. We support multiple computing platforms including Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix, Novell Netware and connectivity to host systems using multiple protocols.

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SMB and Enterprise

Debra Thompson

Financial Business Manager, Delta Wireless

We have several products that still require Windows XP, different models of radios we support, approximately 200 vendors we work with, and an additional IP video surveillance department. NDA keeps all these business units working in perfect synchronicity at all four offices and the San Joaquin County Jail. Since we have partnered with NDA, our network has worked perfectly, cheaply, quickly, and reliably. NDA’s service is spectacular.