We support a variety of clients, both large and small, in diverse industries including banking & finance, government, manufacturing & engineering, legal, and many others. We concentrate on understanding the business needs of our clients so they are able to meet business goals and objectives using the best technology available today.


NDA is focused on the design, installation, service, and support of computer systems and computer networks. We support multiple computing platforms including Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix, Novell Netware and connectivity to host systems using multiple protocols.

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SMB and Enterprise

Brian Beck

LPAS Architecture and Design

“Shortly NDA will deploy Windows 10 to all of our desktops and we will experience an Internet speed increase, keeping pace with the highly technological challenges of the architectural business. With approximately 40 computers with high end graphics cards and large amounts of processing horsepower, we need a crack IT team to manage it, one especially sensitive to the hundreds of deadlines we have each week. NDA has been a fantastic partner choice, and we look forward to relying on you in the future.”