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Debra Thompson

Financial Business Manager, Delta Wireless

We have several products that still require Windows XP, different models of radios we support, approximately 200 vendors we work with, and an additional IP video surveillance department. NDA keeps all these business units working in perfect synchronicity at all four offices and the San Joaquin County Jail. Since we have partnered with NDA, our network has worked perfectly, cheaply, quickly, and reliably. NDA’s service is spectacular.

The best service: NDA experts are uniquely qualified.

We have provided network engineering and IT infrastructure consulting services to the greater Sacramento area since 1992. Our highly technical staff provide certified coverage of all aspects of network engineering.


Maintaining your computer systems and protecting your company files is critical to your business growth and development. These tasks take time, knowledge, and experience and Network Design Associates can help. We specialize in providing custom network engineering for systems as a pure outsource provider or a fully integrated supplemental IT partner.

Affordable security with no contract.

NDA engineers are experienced and expedient, saving firms hours in rework and diagnostic time. We understand the ever-changing IT demands of our partners face are not always best addressed with rigid contracts. We take great pride in providing excellent service flexible enough for our clients’ projects, whether we are on-site or off.

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