When it comes to SMB IT, Who’s Leading Whom?

SMB companies can still find ways to Predict, Control and Reduce their IT costs

For many Small & Medium Businesses (SMB), managing Information Technology (IT) can feel like trying to walk an untrained dog on a leash. Or worse yet, several dogs, each with a mind of its own pulling in different directions. This multi-directional yanking can quickly strain a company’s most important resources and affect profitability.

For instance, key personnel can get frustrated for being pulled away from their primary roles to fix mundane computer problems.  Unpredictable IT failures can happen at the worst possible times, impacting productivity, operations and morale.   Aging hardware or software upgrades keep getting put on the back burner even though their performance may be negatively impacting business.  Making matters worse, the technology that your company depends on can become an unpredictable budgetary black hole.

How are successful SMB companies finding real-time solutions for their IT challenges that also meet budgetary expectations?

The keys to managing an SMB IT environment are found in 3 important rules of business: Predict, Control and Reduce!

Regardless of whether your network is comprised of 8 computers joined peer to peer or 250+ workstations supported by a complex rack environment, predictable performance and cost is critical.  What should an SMB Decision Maker expect from their IT Network?  In most incidents, outages, data loss and downtime should be predictable.

The days of unpredictable IT costs are no longer tolerable in business.   Today’s expectations for IT are overall cost reduction, business continuity within the 99 percentile, flexibility to meet ever changing marketplace demands, and potential revenue source.

Predicting IT is an important first goal for the SMB Decision Maker who feels like they are walking an untrained dog when it comes to managing their Network.  Finding solutions to complex business problems begin with knowing the right questions to ask. Working through the answers may take time but the result will be finally gaining control over your environment, and making IT work for you, not the other way around.

Predictability should be a key factor when attempting to resolve your IT management challenges. Regardless of which model you choose for your environment, Full Time IT Staff, MSP or T&M, an SMB Decision Maker should expect any of these solutions will be an integral part of their business stability and growth.

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